RFID Manager: Middleware

The introduction of RFID and the development of RFID systems are both accompanied with some problems. It does not seem unusual for the users to give up the intention to introduce RFID due to the time and cost that might be required to solve problems.

Our EPCIS certified RFID Manager has been developed as the middleware for improving the efficiency, term and costs of RFID systems development.

The RFID Manager absorbs the differences in specifications between read/write devices and tags from various vendors so that the application developers can develop device independent systems efficiently by linking web services or using .NET by means of the common APIs (Application Program Interfaces) defined by the RFID Manager.

RFID Manager helps you solve the following problems:

1) When the user wants to find optimum read/write devices for his system, the available application interfaces (APIs) vary according to manufacturers, even though they comply with ISO15693. Moreover, a development of applications is required for each interface (this constraint results in an increase in the time and cost involved)

2) development of new operations management functions (monitoring of read/write devices and countermeasures against high loads are necessary)

3) situations of compliance with industry standards (a long time is required before the support of the APIs provided by the device vendors becomes available).

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