Spectraview II: Colour Calibration Software

A clearer, brighter display

If you’re a professional with colour critical applications, you’ll want sharper, clearer colour display. SpectraView II combines award winning NEC display monitor technology with a colour measurement sensor and sophisticated software. The result is a highly accurate, reliable, repeatable, and feature-rich display calibration and profiling solution.

The SpectaView II system at a glance

The SpectraView II system uses a colour sensor to take colour measurements of the display screen during calibration. The software analyses these measurements and sends colour adjustment commands directly to the display monitor.

This means that colour adjustments are made in the monitor, rather than in the video graphics adapter. This results in full use of the number of colours available on the graphics adapter. So you can enjoy a much brighter image with the best possible colour range.

When you use SpectraView II, the video graphics adapter is not used at all to make any gamma or Tone Response Curve corrections to the display. This maintains the full colour resolution and system reliability.

As a registered SpectraView II version 1.1.03 user, you are eligible for free upgrades and patches.

Register your legitimate version of SpectraView II at www.spectraview.nec.com.au/registration

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